Aaron's Rod

Living Grace has been partnering with Aaron’s Rod ministry in Indonesia for about ten years. Aaron’s Rod ministry is the vision of Pastor Eddy Lau and much of the ministry is led by Paulus Lau, Pastor Eddy’s son. Aaron’s Rod ministry has several thrusts, but the main vision is to bring a high-quality private Christian Education to the many islands and cultures of Indonesia. The first school was an elementary school in Jakarta, where Pastor Eddy and his wife, Ruth, live with their daughter. They also started initially distributing clothing to people in areas of need and distributing Bibles throughout some of the islands, along with giving out Christmas boxes  now up to thousands of children each year. 

Pastor Lau’s vision is to reach the entire country of Indonesia with a Christian Education to raise up Christian leaders for the future for this 80% Islamic country. His passion for fulfilling the vision has been the momentum behind the many different arms of the Aaron’s Rod ministry and continues to fuel the large organization it has grown into today. Young people from all over the islands of Indonesia, and of differing denominations, apply to join Aaron’s Rod in various capacities, with the agreement to serve for at least seven years. In addition to having all their personal needs met during this time–room, board, clothing, etc.– they are given a college education, so they can become teachers, if they so desire. Aaron’s Rod has provided this amazing opportunity for a free college education to hundreds of young Christians who would never be able to afford it, giving them a wonderful vocation for the rest of their lives.

Aaron’s Rod now has three elementary schools in three different locations, a junior high school, and an English speaking school in Surabaya. Each of these ministries are vibrant and reaching out to their communities in countless ways besides those mentioned.

In 2009 a team from Living Grace traveled to Indonesia to visit Bro. Paulus and see firsthand the ministry of Aaron’s Rod. This time bonded our hearts even closer to this ministry and helped us to realize, from a personal perspective, the great work God is raising up there. Living Grace continues to support Aaron’s Rod and enjoys occasional visits from Bro. Paulus when he comes to the US. We are blessed as a congregation to be used of God to partner with this ministry and affect lives for eternity halfway around the world.