Who We Are?


We are a nondenominational church honoring God’s Sabbath and having a commitment of using God’s grace to encourage and equip people to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  The Holy Bible is the foundation for all teaching and spiritual growth.  The search for Biblical truth is paramount. 

Our church congregation is comprised of individuals from all walks of life and numerous church backgrounds and experiences.  Those attending are encouraged to walk according to the will of God and to seek God’s direction for their lives. 

We are a congregation who practices serving others in the love of Christ.  Our church actively supports many organizations within the community and around the world that show the mercy and love of Christ.  We offer Bible based classes for the children as well as classes and mentoring for the teens within our congregation. 

The adult classes encourage individuals to take part in meaningful discussions of Bible texts and to share how these verses apply to their lives.  We enjoy fellowship with each other by way of monthly luncheons as well as individuals opening their homes for gatherings for fun, laughter and studying Gods Word and prayer.