Open Arms Home

Open Arms Home is an orphanage in South Africa that Living Grace Community Fellowship has been closely involved with since it’s founding in 2006.  It is a home that takes in orphans from the devastation of AIDS in South Africa and after having a modest beginning of just five or so children now provides a true home for over 60 children on a 70 acre estate. 

The goal is to give constant care in a home atmosphere with local mothers coming to watch and teach the children throughout the day.  The children have their own beds and home in bungalows that hold 6-8 kids and they have access to recreation and a modern kitchen/dining room built in 2012.  The care also includes schooling on site and then advanced schooling provided for the children at the local town where they are enlisted in private schools who can give a superior education and give them the ability to advance their station in life. 

One of our Living Grace families has partnered and helped found this orphanage and also visited the facility many times over the years.  If you want to make a difference in a child’s life who has no hope for even existing let alone a meal or an opportunity to grow up, consider contributing to this successful and worthy endeavor, you will be blessed as you “care for the little children” as Jesus Himself directed us.  Get involved!